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Come celebrate, enjoy, and learn more about the Blues with us!

Remember "Blue is the is the game..."


Did you know...

  • ...that Stamford Bridge is Chelsea's only ever stadium?
  • ...that Chelsea won their first League title in 1955, and didn't win one again until 2005?
  • ...that Chelsea have the record for the highest home attendance in a game, with 82,905?
  • ...that Andre Villas-Boas is the most expensive manager in history?
  • ...that Fernando Torres is the most expensive player in Britain?

The Chelsea FC Wiki

Welcome to a community dedicated the famous Chelsea Football Club. Since its inception, Chelsea have become a staple not only of London football and culture, but have become one of the dominant culture-changing teams of world football.

The team has been a picture of the rise of the underdog to successful champions time and time again. What does the future hold for Chelsea FC? Find your outlet for speculation and discussion here.

Whether you are just curious as to the history of the Blues, or a life long supporter, this Wiki is aimed to satisfy your football fever.

Hopefully by the end of your tour of the Chelsea FC Wiki, you'll be laughing like Lamps!

Lampard having a laugh with the Pompey fans

Lampard having a laugh with the Pompey fans

Lamps Having A Laugh

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